Collectible NFT Cards

Pretty sure by now y’all heard about NFTs and the countless collectibles that are floating around cyber space. Bored apes, flying pigs, enchanted pickles, pixelated soccer giants and more are here for your enjoyment. And hopefully for you to buy some here and there.

The vast array of NFTs has exploded and is quickly becoming an art form which is taken very seriously. Because it’s bringing in big bucks via the crypto world.

Thought I add to the pile, what the heck.

Now while these collectibles are availabe as NFTs only, it doesn’t mean there can’t be a different version in the future for you to have and to hold.

Enjoy these for now:


Harold Collectibles

Art by i2

# 000 100 initiated on 9/2/21

A series of collectable NFTs for those who love cyber cards…

Harold is as happy as can be! Follow his journey as he travels all over the world and shares his teenage wisdom.

You will be immersed in his adventures not as an outsider, but as a friend who comes to know and love our Harold.

Like them?

 Go to i2 and the “Harold’s Universe” Collection on OpenSea > 


Is there something familiar about the Harold pictures above? Just like all the other i2 pieces of digital art, it was created by reorganizing, stretching and duplicating these original master shapes:



Remember, i2 (Harold’s Mommy) has restricted herself to use only these shapes. That’s how Harold was born. But a growing teenager has different needs than abstract art does.

Expect more different shapes, elements and images to enhance your Harold experience!

 Read the story to appreciate and understand i2’s art better > 

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