A New Webmaster’s Nightmare

Ah – the joy of creating your own website!

You can tell by his face that Harold is seriously frustrated. Instead of a beautifully designed website, all he had been able to get were blank screens or error messages.

His breaking point came, when the person on the other side of the line tried to explain that the site’s DNA had to propagate throughout the web, so the site would show up properly.

Repeat: Propagate!



Now his patience was totally gone. As if there weren’t already enough terms that are confusing to a lay person.

Harold was NOT a botanist either, he thought. And with that, he took the day off from his website design efforts. Maybe let the pros handle it?

Truth be told, if you have the right host, building a website can be a breeze. Something Harold will have to learn by trial and error.

Good luck, buddy!

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