Awww… Spelling is SO HARD!!!

Doesn’t it surprise you how many times you see this TOTALLY INSANE and IRRATIONAL two word phrase every day?

And how am I going to explain it to Harold?



Now these aren’t mere typos, folks. A spelling error can sneak in now and then, and that ought to be ok. Because as we know, ‘To Err is Human’. You’re off the hook, misspellers.

But here, we have a different animal altogether. This is serious stuff.

There is INTENTION behind these phrases, as if those two words are screaming: “look at me – I came up with some extra special construction”, just as if to sprinkle more excitement/diversity/controversy into essays, reports or online posts.

It’s dividing the English speaking world. I’ve seen the spelling police throw up their arms in resignation after countless attempts of rectifying what screams so blatantly from posts and pages.

Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Writers, Teachers… all of them have representatives in the “would of” crowd. Now I don’t know which grade you’d have to be to learn how to spell




the proper way, and it seems that it doesn’t even matter anymore. The “would of” camp grows stronger each day, and by the minute.

So maybe Webster’s will eventually be persuaded to include these because obviously, there is no more denying that they exist.

Before I’m caving in to the popular vote, I just have ONE question to the offending majority:

“What does your phrase really mean?” Did you ever get the notion that perhaps your slyly crafted word pair doesn’t make any sense? Wouldn’t it have dawned on you that there’s something WRONG with that spelling?

Of course not. Because even spell check won’t catch it…


Note from Harold’s Mommy:

Of course I am VERY aware that it’s ok to make mistakes. That’s how we learn. I’ve made too many to count in my own life, and I’m ok with it too.

This post was written as a tongue-in-cheek inspiration to be critical of what you write, and to pay attention what you are trying to say.

It is neither meant to be mean, nor is it aimed at our education system. It also doesn’t try to convey that lesser spellers are somehow lesser people. Quite the opposite is true.

So, don’t worry too much about what could be the message behind this post – just enjoy Harold’s confused face. Even his trusted hourglass doesn’t have all the right answers all the time either.

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