Harold’s Story

Harold is a thinker by default, but ya’ll know that Harold can’t write. That’s why you’re getting the inside scoop on Harold from me. I’m his mommy.

I am known as i2. Well, actually my name is Ingrid Webster, but i2 is my artist alias who created Harold and his universe.

So, since we’re talking about Harold’s history, I’d like to stick with the facts and let you in on a secret: Harold was an accident. Or rather, he was “born” by some random constellation of the right planets, on March 21, 2021. In the middle of a pandemic.


Harold is NOT like the other boys.

When Harold first appeared, it was on the same day I created “Birdie Plays Soccer” – the first image that serves as the source for all the master shapes. Because I had committed myself to use ONLY a few particular shapes in any of my digital art, the possible design elements in my pictures were extremely limited.

So Harold sat in this drab room, no window, staring at an hourglass.

Just another picture.


Harold has a new clock now

But somehow, that Harold character intrigued me. I decided to give his environment a bit more color. He also got a clock, so he wouldn’t have to learn time from an old-fashioned hourglass.

You can see how he now seems to be a little more alert.


They remodeled his room

And since I wanted this whole digital art to be like an experiment, I tried to figure out how far I could go with Harold’s room. I mean, how many different pictures can you make with such limited design options. Namely, those black outlined shapes you see in every picture.

I updated his room and gave him some toys and a window. That window was a tricky element to add, because my available shapes didn’t include a square or rectangle. And the curtains, well, they are made from Harold’s arms, stretched to fit.

*Note: about six months later, I allowed myself to make a square or rectangular shape just by adding a text box 😉


Harold loves his new kitty very much

But Harold hadn’t seen daylight yet, didn’t know about the outside world. After I fixed that, I gave him a companion: the little cat from “Kitty Loves Going Out At Night”.

Important to observe: Harold still has no voice, no emotions, no expression. (That’s probably due to the fact that he was kept alone, abandoned in a depressing room for so long…)

Going further with my Harold experiment, I wanted him to experience the outside world. See which landscapes I could come up with.


“What happened to my room?”

Now in order to create a new image, I was planning on using Harold as he was, and creating a nature scene around him. To do that, I had to dismantle all the design elements from his room: the clock, furniture, cat and the window.

So all that was left over was Harold sitting in a completely empty room.

Then it hit me! It must have been devastating for him to have everything taken away again, after he finally had a window to the world. He was aghast. And I gave him a mouth to show it.

All of a sudden, Harold had emotions. This was THE defining moment! Realizing that this little guy could be an actual character with much more capabilities, I wanted to take him outside and around the world, so he could see for himself the beauty that our planet has to offer.


Harold’s first time outside

And here he is: seeing his mirror image for the first time. After all this time alone, and without any other possibilities to stimulate his senses, he couldn’t believe his own eyes. There he was, staring back at himself on the shore of a quiet little pond.


Harold is at the Alte Mainbrücke in Würzburg, Germany

Then he started to travel. He saw a good portion of Europe and the United States.

And for some reason, he was drawn to the water, where he could see his own reflection. He likes rivers, lakes and the ocean. Many more photos still need to be processed, but I promise that you can take a peek into his globetrotting time once they are ready.


Harold admires a modern sculpture in Oklahoma City, OK

Considering how Harold grew up, you’d expect him to be bitter. But he used his disadvantage to improve his own life through a positive attitude, and today he’s continuing to learn and enjoy seeing the world with all its different facets.


Harold and LaTrisha take history lessons at the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, AL

Then something happened: a girl came into his life. Harold was no longer alone and from now on forward he could see a future of sharing joy, experiences, new friends and love.

The future is bright for Harold!

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