You found Harold’s website!

It means so much, because now you’re part of a growing group of fans. More and more people discover Harold and why he is such a great buddy to have around.

You see, that little dude has spent most of his time growing up being alone, without any guidance.

In the beginning, Harold didn’t have it very good. Basically, he was kept in a drab, windowless room. Not being able to walk or leave his room. No toys, no pets, no school, no friends. Nobody to talk to, just relying on his own instincts to make it through.


Harold is NOT like the other boys.

The only thing he could do was staring at an hourglass. All day long. During that time, he developed his own survival strategy.

His resolution was rather simple: he conditioned himself to have a positive outlook. It was purely about making it through day after day, without caving in to boredom or despair.

He had lots of time to think about himself, and life in general. He honed his own philosophy, which is based on a positive attitude. It helped him get through these dark early days of his life. But it still was a lonely world for some time to come…


This is Harold’s portrait, embroidered on a hat

Of course his mommy loved him, but she didn’t fully understand his needs until much later. She neglected him, not realizing how much Harold needed her for his development. To her, he was another piece of digital art. A soulless character who didn’t require any attention from her.

But that would change in just a few months…

Harold wanted to share his quips and quotes to help you get through your day easier too. No matter how old or young you are.

Follow Harold and his antics, as he is growing bolder and more mature each day. Then take his good advice and transform your own life to become a happier, and perhaps a wiser human being. That surely would make him happy.


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